The IOPTMH International Conference 12-14 of May in Helsinki

The IOPTMH International Conference 12-14 of May in Helsinki

Come to meet colleagues from a diversity of countries and continents, to connect, relate, share, present, experience, explore, learn, enjoy, reflect, discuss, move, being present in building and shaping the future Physiotherapy in Mental Health, see attached file of Program and invitation to the 8th International Conference in Physiotherapy of Psychiatry and Mental Health. 

This Conference is for you - Welcome! 

As Chair of ICPPMH 2020 Organising Committee and on behalf of the Finnish Association of Psychophysical Physiotherapy it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the 8th International Conference of Physiotherapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health in Helsinki, Finland in May 2020.

This is the biannual conference of the International Organisation of Physical Therapy in Mental Health (IOPTMH):

The theme of this year, Linking Body and Mind - the Key to Effective Physiotherapy, highlights the direction of the physiotherapy field and research around the world. How can this new research and knowledge be implemented into clinical work?

Physiotherapy in mental health is person centered and process-related work. We as physiotherapists study and work with the moving and living body. We study the movement quality, reflect the movements and promote new movement opportunities to our patients.

Do we support or suppress patients willingness to move? We need to meet and treat the whole person, not just one body part. We can't just do "tricks". We need to include something more, and that something is presence.

We work in a world where depression, anxiety and chronic pain are increasing. What do we know about the evolution of mind and body, i.e. why do we have emotions like depression or anxiety, or why is pain an important sensation? We face many kinds of new challenges that science cannot yet explain. We work with patients with different types of functional disorders, unexplained pain, traumatizing backgrounds etc.

Unfortunately we have to approach and work with the ugly parts of life too. For example, the after effects of school shootings, wars, torture and exile on the person. We need to consider the body as well as the mind when treating these people. Today we know that all the feelings and emotions are bodily experienced. Facing these issues daily at work, it’s truly important also to take care of ourselves as professionals.

The conference provides a forum for physiotherapists to meet and share knowledge of education, research, clinical practice, and to discuss important professional issues within the field of Physiotherapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health.

You are all warmly welcome to Finland in May 2020!

Tanja Balk,

Chair of the Finnish Association of Psychophysical Physiotherapy

Call for abstracts is open! 

Get to know the keynote speakers 

You can find the event also in facebook: Icppmh 2020

Master program Basic Body Awareness Methodology 2019, apply now!

This is a unique possibility in physiotherapy! 

Welcome to University of Almeria, SPAIN, building an International Network, meeting physiotherapy colleagues with interest in Mental Health, providing a deepened insight in Human Movement, through the Clinical Master program in Physiotherapy in Basic Body Awareness Methodology (BBAM).    

Application for the study is NOW - during spring 2019 - click here to apply!

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Start of the study program is January 2020. 

You are welcome to contact Liv Helvik Skjærven for more information, or +47 91305158.

New Book

Our dear colleagues Kent, Amanda and Inger wants to tell that their book on Basic Body Awareness Therapy now is available in both English and German!

The book is a little revised and the title now is:

Basic Body Awareness Therapy - embodied identity

and in german:

Basic Body Awareness Therapie - embodied identity, Die körperlich verankerte identität

Writers: Amanda Lundvik Gyllensten, Kent Skoglund, Inger Wulf

The books are available on, ,

ISBN 978-91-88809-58-2 and ISBN 978-91-88809-21-6

We are online!

Dear all, I am very happy to inform you that the website is online since last week.

The member login is not functioning yet and some other features are still on the to do list for the website, but I consider this as a new milestone in our history.

In the future the news section will be the place were you can find announcements on new developments in our field.

Looking forward to here your response on the website,

Jordy den Engelsman

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